Residential Irrigation Installation Services

At Green Raven Services we understand that your landscapes, gardens and plantings are important investments and deserve nothing but the finest care and attention.

Bob Byrnes, a Certified Landscape Irrigation specialist, has been a leader in the irrigation business for over 30 years in NY state and CT. Bob’s CLIA certification means that you are working with an expert who adheres to standards of excellence that place him apart from most of the competition. He leads a team of professionals that will develop and design a sprinkler system tailored to your property. 

Whether you are considering a new irrigation system, a system upgrade, or one of our seasonal maintenance programs, Green Raven Services stands ready to guide you in making the best choices for your home.

Irrigation Systems Installation

At Green Raven Services we are knowledgeable about every type of soil, grass, tree and shrub in our geographic area and can provide a system for even the most demanding environment. Your irrigation system will be custom designed following a comprehensive inspection, evaluation, and discussion about your property. We will:

  • Analyze the water requirements for your property, based on your plantings, lawn, trees, and shrubs
  • Develop an irrigation system uniquely designed for your property
  • Save you money and water by implementing a state-of-the-art irrigation system using the finest technologically advanced products available today
  • Recommend a maintenance program based on your property’s needs to keep everything looking beautiful and healthy

Types of Residential Irrigation Systems

We use only the finest products from national brands to install all of our irrigation systems. We specialize in SMART system controllers that are web-based and managed through WiFi, making it easy and productive for us to monitor your property and make any changes that may be needed throughout the growing seasons.

  • Spray Systems – this is a more traditional irrigation system using a pop-up head to spray water in a large area of your lawn. This is a very precise method of watering lawns and plantings so that the water is delivered efficiently to all areas.
  • Drip Irrigation – for water efficiency, drip irrigation systems are considered the standard. Water is released slowly and dispersed directly into the soil over a longer period of time so that it doesn’t become over saturated.
  • Rotor systems – these systems are very effective for covering a wide area of the landscape and also releasing the water at a slower rate making them extremely efficient.

Water Management

Water management is the process of timing and regulating irrigation systems to satisfy the water requirements of the lawn, shrubs, and plants without wasting water, energy, or depleting the plant nutrients.

The amount of water your property receives is crucial to the health and longevity of your plants and lawn. Watering schedules may need to change throughout the growing season, based on weather, soil type, and the plants species. By assessing the property periodically and inspecting the plantings, Green Raven Services can make adjustments as needed.

To see some of the quality products we use in our irrigation systems, visit our products page

“I have known Bob for over 20 years, from our working together at Glen Gate Company. Bob has always been a man who is reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy in both his career and private life. For the past three years I have hired Bob to service a large irrigation system at an estate property I manage in Westport, CT. As a project/property manager, I value the response that Bob gives me and accuracy to diagnose any problems with the system. Bob is personally on site quickly and I trust Bob to complete any task required on time and value his knowledge of the system’s intricacies. I would highly recommend Bob to service your irrigation system and I look forward to many more years of working with Bob and Green Raven Services.”

– Bill Meredith, Property Manager

Irrigation Maintenance Plans

  • Monthly Maintenance: For those homes with extensive lawns, and many different plantings, shrubs and trees, we recommend a monthly maintenance plan. This includes a walk-through of your property, an inspection of all equipment and lines, and an assessment of the plants and lawn. We will visit the property monthly and make any adjustments needed. The plan includes opening and closing all systems as well as any emergency visits as needed. Of course, during the harsh winter months, we will not be visiting unless there is an emergency.
  • Seasonal Maintenance: This program includes 3 seasonal visits to your property, where we will inspect the equipment and lines, open and close your systems in the Spring and Fall respectively, and make one visit during the summer to perform any adjustments needed based on water needs and weather.  
  • Semi-Annual Maintenance: This program includes Spring equipment evaluation and inspection, opening and testing the system, and adjusting the water delivery so that you have optimum usage throughout Spring and Summer. We then return in late Fall to close down the system for Winter. 

Emergency Service: Green Raven Services is available for 24/7 Emergency service. We will promptly respond to your request for a visit. In NY call: (845)-419-9565. In CT call: (203) 313-1647