Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is used to enhance the natural beauty of your home and property while defining your lifestyle, creating a comfortable outdoor living space, and giving you a sense of safety and security while increasing the value of your home.

At Green Raven Services we approach outdoor lighting design so that it is cost effective, reliable, and functional. With over 100 installations and service contracts to our credit, we will provide you with innovative design, well-planned installation, and unsurpassed service so that you can enjoy your property year-round through every season. 

Using leading edge technology from our quality national manufacturers, we will create your landscape lighting systems so that you can easily control them through WiFi on any device. 

We recognize that every property is different and therefore our plans and services are customized for each project we undertake. Whether it is a new installation, refurbishment of an existing system, or a service contract, we are ready to work with you to bring you the beauty and security of truly outstanding landscape lighting.

Dark Sky Lighting

Dark Sky outdoor lighting is a newer environmentally sound movement which directs outdoor landscape lighting towards the ground rather than up towards the sky or outwards to the surrounding area, minimizing glare. Many communities today are enacting dark sky ordinances requiring homeowners to minimize light pollution when lighting their properties and homes. In many cases the townships and municipalities specify certain types of reflectors, shields, angles and bulbs to be used in new or existing lighting systems. 

Green Raven Services understands all dark sky lighting requirements and is compliant with the IDA’s dark sky guidelines, while at the same time assuring you that your lighting design will be beautiful and environmentally sound.

Lighting Consultations

Green Raven Services is often brought in to consult on outdoor lighting design projects with landscape designers or architects. It is important to establish the purpose of the lighting plan – task lighting, ambient lighting or accent lighting – as each of these is used for a different effect. Whether to create a dramatic overview, a soft ambience with accents on your trees and plants, or a lighted path for evening strolls, you want to have a lighting plan that works best for you and your property.

We will be happy to set up an appointment with you to integrate outdoor lighting into your unique landscape environment. Call us at 845.419.9596.

Our professional lighting team of designers and installers take pride in the work they do and we are dedicated to ensuring quality, value and a level of customer service that is second to none. 

Make your outdoors something to enjoy year-round after the sun goes down. Call us to set up an appointment for an estimate on your property at 845.419.9565. Click here to learn more about our Special Events and Holiday Lighting.

“If you want to work with someone who has a ton of experience, is thoughtful, has great ideas, is very responsive, and follows through with what he says he’s going to do, then Bob is your dream contractor.  He works hard AND possesses that extremely underrated quality that just happens to also be the most important one of all… he is a really nice guy.”  

Amy Falder, Partner

Landscape Lighting Manufacturers

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