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Water Gardens

Create an outdoor living space with a beautiful custom water garden, water fall or water pond designed by Green Raven Services.

Our water features offer a serene ambiance to your outdoor area and add a totally independent ecosystem for your plants, trees and shrubs. Ponds also give an illusion of depth and space, while providing a natural attraction for birds to visit. 

Oftentimes water features are overlooked in landscape design planning, as they do increase the cost of the overall landscaping project. There are a large variety of water feature styles, sizes, and shapes that can fit nearly every budget. But the beauty and peaceful surroundings make it well worth the additional expense.

Our water falls and water gardens require little maintenance even if you are incorporating specific varieties of plants to help naturally filter water. 

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Vertical Gardens

The trend towards vertical gardens is becoming popular due to homeowners looking for new and creative gardening options.

Vertical gardens or living walls as they are sometimes known, refer to growing plants and flowers, as well as herbs, vines, or vegetables on a vertical wall.

The benefit of having a vertical garden is that even those with small outdoor spaces can enjoy the beauty of plants and flowers all spring or summer. Vertical gardens can also create pleasant private spaces.

Let Green Raven Services design and construct a vertical garden that fits your lifestyle.

Special Events Lighting

Green Raven Services offers imaginative and creative lighting concepts combined with distinctive elegant touches to make your event a memorable experience. 

Bob Byrnes has decades of experience in lighting design and uses the most innovative and contemporary lighting products on the market today to complete your beautiful lighting installations.

Whether it’s creating lighting for an outdoor wedding or graduation party, or simply adding light so that you can enjoy evening activities with friends and family, Green Raven Services can provide what you need.

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Holiday Lighting

Your home is a special place during the holiday season to you and your family and your friends, which is why Green Raven Services takes Christmas lighting so seriously.

Whether your taste is for something simple and elegant or a bit more cheerful and bright, we have the staff with the creative ideas and the experience to make your residence exactly what you want during the holidays. Our holiday lighting service offers complete design, installation and take-down of the lights when you are ready. Give us a call as the holiday season approaches so you can relax and let us create your winter wonderland. 

Make Your Holiday Lighting Appointment Early! We begin making appointments for Holiday Lighting design as early as September to ensure that our clients get the special outdoor Holiday Lighting they desire. Contact Us.