Is a sprinkler system right for you and your property?

This is an ever-perplexing question that homeowners face as they think about their landscaping each Spring. Here’s the picture…right now in early Spring, the trees and flowers are budding, the front and back yard areas look great, and the temperature and weather are ideal. Look around at some new shrubs and trees you may have planted last season that cost a bundle and know that you have the responsibility to make sure they survive the first full year in the ground. Of course, there’s your beautiful, lush lawn that will need to be watered consistently as well. 

Having a beautifully landscaped property is wonderful but it’s a lot of work and unless you’re an expert in irrigation, you’re not exactly sure if you’re over watering or under watering on any given day. 

An automated SMART sprinkler/irrigation system would allow you to enjoy your property all year round without the physical work, mental anxiety, waste of money for replacement plants and shrubs, and be environmentally friendly. The system is initially custom programmed to the requirements of each individual property so there is little for you to do once it has been set up.

Imagine the benefit of having an automated system that delivers just the right amount of water on every planting area on a specific schedule, at the optimal time of day for watering. Today, SMART system controllers are web-based and managed through WiFi, making it easy and productive for to monitor your property and make any changes that may be needed throughout the growing seasons. Even while you and your family are on vacation there is no fear of returning to a dried out lawn and dead plants.

The added bonus is that your water bill will reflect a savings rather than an increase due to proper usage. Not to mention, overwatering is detrimental to your plants as well as your lawn.

While having an automated sprinkler system installed on your property can be a substantial investment, it will add value to your home, give you years of pleasure to enjoy a lush lawn and a bountiful garden without work and anxiety, and know that you are helping the environment by practicing water conservation.

A custom sprinkler system could be the answer for keeping your landscaping looking beautiful and staying healthy for years to come plus adding appreciable value to your home.  

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